Advertisement and marketing effectiveness and efficiency remains an important lever to drive growth and ensure a high-quality, consistent customer experience. We believe that organizations that do not invest with the mindset of rapid continuous improvement will fall behind their competitors.


With our team having  background in branding, advertising and product promoting LUNIMAX not only helps customers to embrace the complex challenges of optimizing marketing effectiveness by aligning top-down strategic potential with bottom-up, granular tactical optimization, but also to develop ongoing capabilities that can help them optimize continuously moving forward.


Our team of professionals has strong experience in organization and management of professional events dedicated to networking and brand/product promotion and advertisement. Our fresh eyes and fresh ideas will bring you fresh results.

We provide a wide range of professional services such as:

  • Arrangement for development of marketing and promotional plan;
  • Arrangement for strong PR plan, if required;
  • Arrangement for marketing campaigns;
  • Arrangement of conferences, seminars and round tables with attendance of key opinion leaders;
  • Developing media partners and leveraging sponsors;
  • Monitoring marketing budget;
  • Arrangement for supply of promotional items
  • Assistance with organizing professional thematic business events;
  • Event budgeting and budget management:
    • Establish a sound budget and accurately maintain it,
    • Help monitor all expenses,
    • Help maximize all revenue streams.
  • Crisis management planning;
  • Event operations and logistics;
  • Overall event planning and management.