Hr Administration

Since human resources is one of the core functions for every business, we aim to meet needs of our customers and requirements in the best form by offering our outstaffing services.

Personnel selected (by customers) for the Project are employed by us. Thus, from legal prospective our customers do not bear any responsibility as employer. However, the customers are entitled to define working schedule and assign tasks to the Project personnel.

All the payments, such as salaries, bonuses, business travel expenses, mandatory and voluntary insurance payments, etc. that the customers may wish to perform to the employees are processed and administered through LUNIMAX.

We provide a wide range of professional services such as:

  • HR support to the Project personnel on day-to-day operations;
  • Arrangement for payment of local staff’ salaries in the amounts and timeframes required by the customers;
  • Covering the expenses (such as medical insurance, business trip, etc.) of the employees as may be required by the customers;
  • Arrangement for travels of the employees upon request of the customers;
  • Arrangement for timely payment of personal income tax (“PIT”) in accordance with the effective tax legislation;
  • Arrangement for timely payment of social insurance contributions and unemployment insurance fees in accordance with the effective legislation;
  • Preparation of payroll documentation required by the legislation;
  • Arrangement for other payroll related matters as may be required by the customers.